Bible Study Notes
Over the past two decades, local churches have rediscovered the huge benefit of having Bible studies, cell group meetings, etc. in the home. Below are some studies that have been taught in a smaller group setting.

Men Of Character & Influence
An 18-part study for men in the local church to enable them to develop the character qualities found in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. The studies include an exposition of God's Word, input from commentators, hypothetical questions for discussion and homework projects.

The Journey Studies At Oak Village - Genesis
Back in 2000, we had a Bible study in our community known as Oak Village. The study, which we wrote as we went along, ran for a year and ended up including 31 studies from the Book of Genesis.

The Journey Studies At Oak Village- Exodus
In 2001, we continued on into the Book of Exodus for another 15 studies.

The Journey Studies At Oak Village - Numbers
After Exodus, we continued with a few studies in the Book of Numbers.

Cults Studies
An 18-part survey of the major cults and religions.

Christians And Halloween
The Story Of Valentine's Day

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